Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Split Squad Split

We lose the night game 5-2, and the Twins take a 1-0 lead in the race for the Ambassador's Tray. Or whatever.

Too bad Remy had an infection, and was replaced for the evening by a cast of charaters, including Daubach. I wanna know what's infected!

You've probably seen the team photos by now--but don't you think Tito's especially looks like an Annie Liebovitz job?

Wanna see a scary one? Here's Terrible Joba. There are a lot of other scary Yankee shots. Sam's gonna have a field day this year.

I love the Orioles' shots! They're outside at night. Nice idea. It worked for most of their shots.

I don't like how you can see the X-mark where the Pirates were supposed to stand.

The Braves were havin' a ball, and the Mariners were leaning.

I think bespectacled Tito looks like George. F. Will.
If Will put smaller glasses on.

I've been seeing a lot of him on the Baseball Documentary.

I also saw him a few rows in front of me at Camden Yards in '02. Just checked my retro-gallery from that day, and I indeed got a video still of it. Click here and scroll.

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