Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Red Sox Are Playing Right Now

Words we haven't heard for four months....

The game's against Boston College--no TV or radio, but tonight's game against the Twins will be on. NESN and MLB Network.

I just bought a Monster standing room ticket through the online system. I had planned to tell you to go get yours, but unfortunately, I got the last one. No, seriously--I checked a game, and noticed a GM SRO available. So I went around to every other game currently available on the schedule, and it turns out it was just that one game that had them. I got my ticket, then went back to that same game just to verify those tix were still there, but they aren't. But this just proves my "never give up" theory yet again. Keep checking back every day (at least), never believe a game is sold out, and if you're told NO, try again, and you'll get plenty of tix.


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