Thursday, February 12, 2009

Pitchers & Catchers & Warriors & Cross-Dressers

Here's that thing Brian and I did last weekend in New Haven:

And here's another video he posted of our band performing as the Spice Girls at a Halloween show from 2003-ish. Keep in mind all the other bands were The Ramones or Dead Kennedys or Sex Pistols and the crowd was expecting something similar from us, but little did they know we'd been "rehearsing" these Spice Girls tunes for weeks ahead of time.

Update, 1:11 PM: Tito, on the radio just now, said he got a hole-in-one yesterday, and that the best part was that Beckett was there to witness it. 160 yards with a 7-iron. He says he hopes it bodes well for the '09 season.

That was a very nice Baby Spice impersonation, Cuz! Awesome!
My ex bought me the The Warriors dvd for one of my birthdays but I never understood why anyone liked this movie. I'm not being sarcastic. I really don't get it, which bothers me.

As for the Spice Girls video, my comments cannot be public. But A for effort!!!
For me, The Warriors can't go wrong because it's got my favorite place AND location for movies. Late 70s, NYC. But, I also like it regardless of that.

Five years ago, about a month into writing this blog, I wrote about The Warriors and how Sox fans could relate to it. It's a lot like Homer's Odyssey, only it's actually based on (a book which is based on) Xenophon's The Anabasis. Here's the post I did. It talks about that, religion, coincidences, etc. don't really need to know that to enjoy the movie, but it's just a tale of fighting your way home. Kim couldn't dig it either.

Oh, but it's weird how since I wrote that, Red Sox fans "found their way home" (finally saw a championship) AND The Warriors gained popularity, became a video game, etc.

As for the Spice Girls, don't be afraid, let's hear what you have to say. Were you at that show? I swear I hear your laugh at the beginning.
And Kara, thanks! I wasn't a Baby fan per se, I just kind of got stuck with her. I know Brian wanted to be Sporty, but figured putting on a par of jogging pants wasn't really "dressing up for Halloween," so he was Posh instead. I think I wanted to be Ginger, but Tim with a red and blonde wig over his long black dreads was just too funny. And Pat turned out to be a perfect Scary. I don't know if you met him at my house in the 80s...I know Mel did when she was visiting, because I bragged to him about the "Mel's Bells" nickname, and when she was there, he asked, "are you Mel's Bells?" and she just gave him a mean look...she was probably like 13.

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