Saturday, February 14, 2009

Over-Excerpting Myself

Yeah, I know I just used an "excerpt" pun, but who cares... So, a little while ago I did a huge post about the BRUT sign at Yankee Stadium on baseball cards, and buried at the bottom was this photo gallery of my Yankee Stadium shots. This is supposed to be specifically pics of me or other stuff close to that--as opposed to all the "normal" players-on-field shots I have. So here it is, if you couldn't make it to the bottom of that crazy post:

Jere at his first game, Red Sox vs. Yankees at Yankee Stadium, 9/20/80:
Mom's psyched, dad's pissed! Check out my Sox shirt. My sister must have taken this picture. And this one, from our seats that day:
Note our pal BRUT.

Jere (right) with Pat at Sox/Yanks game circa '87:

The "Stadium Family Center," post name-change, taken from car on my way to Sox-Yanks game on my 20th birthday, 9/8/1995:

Jere in the walkway ready to taunt the newest Yankee, Roger Clemens, on 5/26/99:

Picture I took of Chan on the day of the famous Trot Nixon 9th inning HR game, 5/28/2000:

Pic of Stadium I shot from subway, Memorial Day 2003:

First time I ever witnessed a world champion Red Sox team, and first time one ever appeared on the field at Yankee Stadium, Opening Night, 2005:

Reb's pic of Jere Brut-blocking in May 2006:
(better view of shirt--another of my altered classics--is here)
Sorry, I have no pics from the other notable games I saw there: the Mel Hall game, the Clemens blowing a 9-0 lead game, the Mo Vaughn foul pole HR on Opening Day game, the high scoring July 1st, 1983 game three days before Righetti's no-hitter, the last game I saw before 9/11--on my birthday, three days before, and one of my favorite baseball experiences, the September '04 game when Mariano said, "catch the ball" to Kenny Lofton. Or any games against non-Red Sox teams, of which I saw many, including the one against the Twins when I caught the Randy Bush BP ball.

Probably the last photo I ever took of the place, December 2007, with new Stadium just starting to go up next to it:

What I could find of my Yankee Stadium ticket stubs, receipts, and those Kinney parking passes:


I never check my statcounter anymore, so I had no idea until just now that the original post was linked by one of my favorite Internet baseball dudes, Repoz, on Baseball Think Factory, and I got some really nice compliments over there. (Link doesn't seem to be working but if you search "Jere Brut" you can at least see the cached page.) So that's cool. Thanks, Repoz. (I wonder if that's where the commenter came from--the one whose response to my post was to tell me how ugly I was. I hope he got a look at me dressed as Baby Spice!

Funny, BUT WHERE are all those "Yankee Fanatics"?

They must've been disguised as Empty Seats;

Wait, your 1980 Game was when few wanted to be known as Yankee Fans.

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