Monday, February 23, 2009

More Horse Shit Spewed From Boston Media

Tony Mazz is just trying to stir up shit. He writes an article talking about how Red Sox fans are sick of their team, and that the team is boring.

How can write this line ("Entering 2009, the Sox have enjoyed an increase in attendance over each of the last 12 seasons, the longest such streak in baseball"), and in the same article, write this one ("there are continuing signs that interest in the team is waning")?

Tony, if YOU are "bored" with the Red Sox because they're not making enough tabloid-style headlines, GET A DIFFERENT JOB. There are plenty of Red Sox fans--no, every single one I know of--who are excited for baseball, as it's right around the corner, and would love it if they got PAID to go to Florida to watch them right now. You wanna switch jobs?

This is just another one of those articles that could be written well ahead of time, and then updated and published when necessary. After we won in 2004--it might have even been the day of the parade--some radio host was saying, "let's say it's three years from now--are people still gonna care?" Well, it's been longer than that, and Tony looks around, sees we've sold out every game since, and tells the word that there are "continuing signs interest is waning."

This is why the media pisses me off. People in Iowa are reading this and thinking "Red Sox fans don't care about their team." Thanks a lot, Tony. I can't wait till all these big newspapers fold up so we can all stop having to hear their lies about us. Yeah, Tony, I really wish Pedroia would get caught doing steroids like A-Rod, that would be so un-boring.

And if it's a "they've won a lot so we don't care any more" thing--again, why am I falling into his trap, this point is moot because we DO still care--but: If he thinks "winning" is what Red Sox fans require to root for the team, we all would have given up a loooooong time ago.

If it's the fact that there aren't as many people in Florida in February--gee, could that be because we're in a depression and if people are gonna go to Florida, they're at least gonna wait till the games start? Come on, man. You're fired.

Oh, and there's a part of the article that shows he knows absolutely nothing about a certain thing: tickets. He says:

"Just last week, Sox administrators John Henry, Larry Lucchino and Tom Werner acknowledged that nine home games in April and May have yet to be sold out, a once unimaginable occurrence during the franchise's golden age under the reign of King Henry I."

WRONG. Every year, there are still single tickets and obstructed view seats left to most games at this time of year, and well beyond. Even the games that they say are "sold out" have some tickets held back that are released later, usually just before they happen. Again, there is nothing unimaginable about tickets being available. This is a classic case where all the media knows is what the team tells them--they never have to buy tickets so they would never know how this relates to previous seasons.

I think I screwed up what I was trying to say about the "winning" thing. Ah well, I blame Mazz for scrambling my brain with that article.
Jere, i mentioned it on Joy, Mazz is a complete moron, he had one of those videos from spring training the other day that lasted 3 min. to tell us nothing important was going on.......He's a joke..
Ah, the "nothing's going on" report, another one of my pet peeves. If I'm in charge, and one of my reporters has nothing, I tell them to come back to me when they have something.

I'm sittin' here on a couch in Rhode Island and I'm comin' up with content!
I would comment more often, but there's nothing to report.

Honestly, where do they get the fools who write these articles?

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