Friday, February 27, 2009

The Mets Thing And The Other Things

1. The Mets-Sox April series at Shea-New: I've been checking every day, and every day I see the same message, that tickets will go on sale "in the weeks ahead." Today I see that they'll be having an even earlier game at Citi Field, a college game on March 29th. In that article, they mention that the sale date will be announced "shortly." So it could be getting close....maybe.

2. Your thoughts on videos: Thanks for answering. A bunch of people said what I thought, which is that you can't get video at work, and you don't go back and watch later. I usually try to post the things I really want people to say during work hours, but maybe I'll stick to putting videos up on weekends, or at least have them on top of the page after 5 PM on a weeknight. See, usually I leave any truly "important" stuff out of the weekends, since less people are reading then. Maybe now I'll consider weekends to be video days. And if you are able to watch videos at work, well, just remember to scroll back through the weekend on Monday mornings to see any you may have missed.

3. X-Nets: The Celtics have added two more ex-Nets, so Mikki Moore and Marbury join PJ Brown, Scalabrine, Cassell, and House as dudes who played for the Nets and later the Celts. I was still a full-on Nets fan when they had Marbury--I remember what I called "the Marbury offense" (remember that one, Chan? Eh, he's not reading...) in which the other four nameless Nets would stand aside and Marbury would have the ball at the top of the key, and everything himself. He never did take 'em to the promised land. And Mikki Moore! I've bragged about my son--er, this guy before, as I knew him from when I was at school in Nebraska. I was a freshman, and he was a freshman. He was a fan favorite, and despite that he was a 7-footer, it wasn't exactly a basketball school, so if he wasn't that good for us, well, the last thing I ever thought was that he'd ever be in the NBA. I just assumed he be a systems analyst or whatever and tell his grandchildren how he once played Division I hoops as a backup. Then two years ago, Chan and I go to a Nets game, and there's Mikki, covered in tats with giant dreadlocks, looking like my old drummer, only black. Not as an assistant coach, as a player. And now he's on the Celts. Kim and I have tickets to a game soon, so I can't wait to see my boy Mikki again.

4. Cat in the cupboard: So Amazing Larry discovered a new place to jump into in the two seconds the door was open. The cupboard. One of the eye eye-level ones, not the ground ones. He's got that look on his face like he knows he's probably not supposed to be there. The pleading ignorance look. He's right, we never told him not to go in there. I'm just glad I happened to put that old gas station Red Sox glass in that cupboard a few weeks ago, as it adds to the awesomeness of the shot.

One of my guys always loved to open the cabinet underneath the bathroom sink with his own paws and hang out in there. The door would always close behind him automatically and he'd just push his way out when he wanted to. There wasn't much to see with the latchless door closed, though.

Fond memories, and one of them closely resembled Amazing Larry. Boy, do I miss 'em.
Did you go to the school where Omaha, the racehorse, was buried?
Amazing Larry is awesome. I've seen that same "pleading ignorance" look before in my cats.
Re: Omaha. No, I was in Lincoln, an hour from Omaha, but I did see Nirvana at Ak-Sar-Ben Coliseum in '93, which is next to the racetrack of the same name, where the horse is buried. The track closed in '95.

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