Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Live Blog--Sox Vs. BC

2:50: Red Sox win, 7-1. Watch on TV tonight as we play a major league team...

2:41: We're three outs away folks. 7-1 going to the top of the 7th.

2:36: Navarro hits a dong for us, making it 7-1.

2:31: 6-1 us going to the bottom of the sixth, in this 7-inning game. (A-Rod has donged for the Yanks today.)

2:25: Kevin DuBrow (or something) pitching for the Sox now.

2:23: I asked Kilgore about Ino, and it turns out Corsaletti pinch-ran for him 6-1 us after 5.

2:17 PM: Chris Carter, 3-run double makes it 6-1 Red Sox. No word on whether Amalie Benjamin pinch ran for Ino Guerrero.

2:13 PM: Coach Ino Guerrero bats for the Sox....and walks!

2:08 PM: Rocco has struck out twice! But Navarro has added another RBI. 3-1 Red Sox. World Series here we come! Woohoo!!!!

2:06 PM: This game is FLYING along. 1-2-3 inning for the Devil (Taz), and Angel Chavez has knocked in 2 for the Red Sox just now, giving us a 2-1 lead, bottom 5.

2:00 PM: Taz-mania! Tazawa in for Boston in the top of the fifth, still 1-0 Eagles.

1:52 PM: Kris Johnson gives up a run to BC. Eagles 1, Red Sox 0 after 3 and a half. (Globe live blog let my comment though just now, so they must only let occasional comments through.)

1:38 PM: 0-0 after 3. Nick Green has our only hit, a double. Beckett went two solid innings, and struck out Shaughnessy's kid looking. Buchholz pitched a one-two-three third.


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