Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Last Conan...Until A Few Days From Now

I've been a fan of Conan O'Brien since he took over Dave Letterman's old show in 1993--when I was a freshman in college. Since then I've watched every episode in its entirety. That's a lie. But I've seen a lot of them, including two in person. His show came to an end tonight. And it's really not that big of a deal since he's just moving up an hour, as host of The Tonight Show--but still, it's sad to see the 12:30 version of Conan come to an end, just as it was when Dave moved up, leaving the door open for Conan in the first place.

He said something I loved right before his final sign-off, which was basically that a lot people have been saying that since he'll be moving up an hour, he'll have to "grow up." He reassured us by adding, "it's just never gonna happen," at which point the audience burst into applause...

...and then were rewarded with pieces of the set Conan had chopped up with an ax.

Wow. I didn't know about this. Not that I would, we don't have cable (not even a single channel). Conan is like an old friend whose tired old jokes will always be entertaining. You'll have to post a month from now to tell us if he changes or not.
Okay. I forgot to mention that Andy Richter, his sidekick for the first few years of the show, did return for the finale. Which was pretty much a given, but I worried maybe they weren't friends anymore and we'd just never see him on there again.

Your line about tired old jokes that are still funny is similar to what I wrote about the show after I saw a taping in '06--that they're just kinda going through the motions...but they're really funny motions!

I just realized, though, (terrible job by me for not realizing this until right now) that Dave and Conzie will be up against each other. So I guess I'll have to go back and forth. (Of course, the second half of all talk shows are pretty much unwatchable, i.e. the part where the celebrity guests are on. Because I only care about maybe 1 in 200 celebrities. And 1 in 500 bands.) I'm like Elaine with the muffin tops. I only eat the first half of these shows.
I just found the final episode online and watched it. I definitely got choked up when Conan did at the end. I definitely watched his show sporadically but what amazed me is that I had seen so much of the playbacks!

One of my favorite bits is when he test drives a BMW (or some other kind of fancy car line) and starts blasting this ridiculous music while thrashing around; making the car salesman really awkward. Soooooo gooooood. I can't even stand it.

I'd never seen the early, early years where he looks like a baby and the set is super small. He was just as hilarious but definitely a little stiffer.

Long live Conan.

He lives in CT, right?
The final week or two, every night they'd show one of the longer, classic bits. All really good stuff.

Does he live in CT? Not anymore, anyway....Lala land...

He's from the Boston area, of course. Did you ever read/hear his Harvard graduation speech from a few years back? It was amazing.
Yeah, maybe they played the car bit in an earlier episode. I hope they did.

Now I'll have to check out his Harvard speech.

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