Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Kwiz Soon To Be Retired 14

Carlton Fisk and Dwight Evans both did what in his first major league game for the Red Sox?

Hit a home run in their first at bat?
They both made a PO? (Is that too vague? I think I can be more specific.)

Kara-not what I'm looking for, though they both did record a PO in their first game.
broke their bat.
Ended the game with a .000 batting average.
broke their bat, ha! good stuff. but not what I'm looking for.

pweezil--also not what I'm looking for.
Both played in games started by a Cuban pitcher.
Not what I'm goin' for.
batted out of order?
Wore the number 40?
He nails it!

And I was just about to give a clue....

Yes, Fisk wore #40 in his first season, 1969. He only played two games that year. Evans wore it a lot more, covering 137 games in his first two seasons.
.1's for everybody, Ryan gets the rest.

Dan, Kara, Future, pweezil, AJM, .1 each.

Ryan, 5.5.

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