Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Kwiz Bake-Doze

Here's the photo.

Gimme the exact date.

August 25th, 1967?
August 25th, 1967?

(Sorry if this is a double post, but my computer was misbehaving during my last attempted).
Sunday, August 27th, 1967
August 27, 1967. Ken Berry out at the plate from Jose Tartabull's amazing throw from RF. (OK I had "help" finding the date.)
Liam: close.

AJM and Q got it right.
I was looking through Red Sox pics from Life magazine, and saw this one of Elston Howard. He only played for the Sox in '67 and '68. Judging by other photos from that day, the White Sox had no sleeve patch, making this '67. We only played at Chicago once while Howard was on the team, so I looked through that series for an out at the plate (even though the guy could've been safe). Found one in game one of August 27th's doubleheader, Ken Berry thrown out to end the game--would've been the tying run. The guy in the pic was pretty clearly Berry, so I knew this was it.

Then it hit me that since this was August '67, this was a more famous play than I had thought--one of the key plays that gave us the AL crown that year. So it's kind of funny how I thought I was doing detective work on some random play, when an older Sox fan might see it and instantly recognize the moment. So, you guys can tell me how you got it.

Q and AJM: 2.75 each.
Liam: .5

Nice job.
I was only three in 1967, so I don't remember the play first-hand, but I'm certainly familiar with the Tartabull Throw and its role in Sox lore and the Impossible Dream season. I recognized Elston Howard and Ken Berry immediately, but I did need to look up the exact date. I don't remember seeing this particular picture before, but I have seen the video footage of this play; I think it was on an old Yaz video that I have stored away somewhere.

I actually thought that you might be trying to throw us a curveball, so I checked all of the other 67/68 Bosox/Chisox @ Comiskey boxscores as well, just to see if there was another Berry/Howard play at the plate.

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