Saturday, February 28, 2009


Check out this awesome blog: Joyosity. And now read my awesome story about it:

For reasons I won't get into, I was looking for a specific picture of something. I found a few, but nothing was exactly what I needed. I saw another that seemed like it wasn't gonna work either, but I clicked it anyway. It took me to this really cool blog telling me how to make my pictures look like miniatures. Then it told me how to make a cool calendar out out my own Fenway pics. The posts were pretty spaced out, time-wise, but each post seemed to be really cool. Then I saw the person's post about the Yard Sale at Fenway. Their experience seemed so similar to mine. Finally I got to her line about meeting Kelly aka Sitting Still. And I thought, Wow, I also was there on the Monday, was also roughly 75 people from the front of the line when it started, and ran into Kelly there, too! That's when I read the rest of the line:

"and meeting Miss O'Connor of fame and Jerry from A Red Sox fan from Pinstripe Territory. Hee, blog fan-girling indeed."

It was the girl I met there that day! She had recognized Kelly (you can never miss Kelly's red hair) while Kelly and I were talking, and Kelly then introduced her to me by blog-name. (I had also remembered this girl from right near me on the line outside.) And she even commented on my blog after that, which was cool. I didn't realize she had a blog, though.

So, going through the rest of her site, I noticed that she was basically at all the same games I went to, and did all the stuff I did. In '08, she was at the same exact three playoff games as me, went to Opening Day like me, saw the sellout record tied and broken like me--and even went around to each gate to see the different players greeting fans on the record-breaking me. In fact, she was the person who had the video of Papelbon teaching craps in Detroit, which I read about on Joy of Sox.

Now I'm scrolling back to 2007, and of course, she was at the AL East clinching night, like me, and stayed for the Yankee loss, like me. (You can see me in this pregame pic. Start at the guy closest to you, and start going right from the face emerging from his chest, and you'll see me (right at the meshing of two photos in this panoramic view) in my traditional home run catching spot, standing in the bleacher aisle, leaving room to go left, right, up, or down from my spot.)

Oh, and the best part: The picture I was looking for which led me to her post? She was using that picture to do the same thing I was attempting to do and needed the picture for! It's a secret for now, I'll tell ya later.

Red Sox destroying Northeastern right now. I'll see you all tomorrow at Yale Bookstore at 2 PM.

Oh, and here's a better pic of AmLar in the cupboard. I think it's funnier this way:


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