Monday, February 09, 2009

Highlights Of Mr. Phony's Close-Up

Gammons asked if 2001 to 2003 was the time when he took 'roids. A-Rod called that "pretty much accurate." Okayyyy, care to give us the exact time?

A-Rod also said he doesn't know what he took. Or where he got it. Yeah, way to "come clean."

He talks repeatedly about having been stupid and young. Look, I was born a month and a half after he was, and I knew not to use supplements that were illegal to buy in this country WELL before I turned twenty-seven.

One of his excuses for taking steroids (and remember this when people say "A-Rod didn't make excuses") was that "it was hot in Texas." Awwwww, poor little professional, perfect hitting machine athlete guy...he was a wittle bit hot, so he got illegal substances to get an advantage. Try water, guy!

He continually hyped up his (supposed) non-cheating years. That's the type of thing that's keeping McGwire out of the Hall. Good luck, A-Rod.

He claims he thought he hadn't failed any test, even though he was told he may or may not have failed one. But then he goes and says when he lied to Katie Couric, he was lying to himself. Wait, you just said you thought you were innocent all along! Such a phony. (But we knew this long ago.) And right after that, he immediately changed the subject and talked about "turning the page."

Then he starts ripping this Selena lady, saying she's been stalking him, saying he had a piece of paper with him that proves it. She came right out with a statement calling it all completely false. We'll see what comes of that one. But either way, when trying to admit a wrong, it's not a good idea to be saying the person who broke the story is a liar.

Really funny line by A-Rod: "I was stupid, I was an idiot, and I think New Yorkers can relate to that." Ouch!

An even funnier line: "In our clubhouse, everybody makes fun of me."

The more I think of all this stuff A-Rod's put himself through since he came to the Yanks, the more it seems like some kind of holy blessing from the baseball gods--if the Red Sox had gotten A-Rod before that 2004 season, we still might not have broken the drought, and we'd be stuck with all this guy's troubles. Right now, we'd be on the brink of baseball suicide, hearing Yankee fans still chanting 1918 at us while our big, choking superstar is proven to be a fraud. For some reason, their magical curses just flipped the other way at that moment. Maybe the ghost of the Babe went into the afterlife's john to take a years-long dump and hasn't emerged since. I hope the door's locked from the outside.

One final unrelated note: I was checking for that story from last spring training when A-Rod said he'd been tested for 'roids over and over, making it appear as if he was under suspicion, and then came out and said he was "joking." And I came across something I wrote at that time about Johnny Damon claiming the Yanks would be making the playoffs. I searched for that article and found it. Here was the quote:

"We're going to be in the postseason." --Johnny Damon, February 2008

Okay, that wasn't the final note, this is: I should point out that I don't believe in asterisks. Everything entered into the record book should stay there. That doesn't mean we all shouldn't know the true story behind it all.


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