Saturday, February 07, 2009

Gee Oh Ell Dee

It's 12:11 PM. And I've already got the confirmation e-mail. Gold! 4 seats, Yankee game I wanted, 12 bucks apiece, dead center, aisle seats, A-Rod does roids, what a day!

Do you do the thing where you open a bazillion windows or do you just do one? I used to have success doing this, but then I haven't recently and I've wondered whether they've implemented some method to detect this and not reward people who do. I am still waiting...
My problem in the past with that was strictly a karma one. I'd think, "I know I can open a hundred windows, but I'll stick with, like, 6, as to not appear too greedy to the ticket deities." Now, I'm like, Screw that, tabbed browsing baby! So they can't detect it. I figure I'm going up against a bunch of people that are all out to buy just so they can re-sell, which I'd never do. So I should at least be on the same playing field as them. (Note: I wouldn't CHEAT to get on the same playing field, but they don't say you're not allowed to open multiple windows. Or use two computers at once. I'm all for them making it as equal as possible, though.) There is a point where it's just too many windows--I open them all up the night before, but you still have to reload each one, and you don't get into the VWR until 5 minutes before, so if you have more than 5 minutes of reloading to do, you're gonna be getting in after the opening bell on some of your windows anyway. Actually, there must be a way to instantly reload all windows. I feel like I used to be able to do it by just closing my laptop and then opening it again. Or I guess you could quit your browser and re-open it and "restore session," and they'd all reload. The point is, me here at Jere HQ are always trying to find new techniques.)

Also, about tabbed browsing--I never liked it in general, but my boy savethejellyfish told me that obviously that's the way to go. And once I tried it, I was hooked.

Em. Ell. Bee. people please note: this entire thread is fiction. And my name's Chan.
Finally got through at 1:20 or so (w/ multiple windows) and there was still plenty of yankee game stuff, at least for the June date I wanted. Woot!

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