Wednesday, February 04, 2009


Outside our house a few minutes ago:

The average winter snowfall for this area is 30-something inches. We've passed it already this winter.

This is going to sound like some kind of practical joke set-up or something, but I was watching the Caribbean Series, and at one point, the Dominican Republic's manager went out to the mound, and it was Jose Offerman. I looked it up, and apparently he's a player-manager. I'm having trouble believing that someone said to this man, "we want you on our team," let alone "and we want you in charge of it." But that's what happened, and the team has been successful.

Have you noticed they've changed the post-monologue format on late-night talk shows? They used to have the host do the monologue, then he'd introduce the band, who would play the host over to the desk. Now the host introduces the band, and says "we'll be right back," while the band plays into a commercial break. I noticed it on Conan and Dave, and I checked Leno just to see, and sure enough, he does it, too. This is like when they moved the position of the contestant interview on Jeopardy!!

No, that wasn't a double exclamation point. That was the one that's in the game show's name, and then the normal one.

I just saw Blog-oy-a-vich on Letterman. He makes this point: people that are lying hide out, whereas he's going on every single show one by one saying he's telling the truth, because (according to him) he's innocent. And Dave tells him, "the more I see a guy saying 'I'm innocent,' the more I feel he's guilty." So which is it? When those Petersons (Scott and Drew) were sitting around not doing anything while everyone was searching for their missing wives, people said, "if he was innocent, he'd be right out there on TV saying 'come on, let's find my wife, I want her back!' He's clearly guilty!" Well, here's the opposite. The guy is repeatedly staring us in the face saying, "I'm innocent." So what's the call?

Eventually somebody's gonna accuse me of something I didn't do. I need to know the exact percentage of innocence-proclaiming I need to do. What, like, 40%? 35-40?

Wicked Lester's all alone in Fort Myers. Here's Sid talking in front of the "old" Red Sox logo:

Tomorrow, my interview with a former big-leaguer.

Friday, come see my mom and I in Scituate, Mass., at 7 PM, at Front Street Books. It's my mom's birthday, so bring her a present! (Preferably, 20 bucks, in which case you'll receive a copy of the book in return.)

Blogboyabitch did not impress me at all.
"Hey, I HAVE to be innocent, they haven't tried me yet! That means I didn't do anything!"
Yeah, right.
Pay no attention to that man behind the grren curtain.
His only legit point - they did remove him before he got his due process, but I think they were right to do so because he couldn't possibly be effective while all that crap was going on.
Actually, though, it was the snow that caught my attention. We don't get that much of it here any more, and it's very rarely the really pretty stuff. But we did Tuesday. It was gorgeous. It made me think of my beloved. She adored the snow, practically lived for it.
We would take road trips sometimes up to the Blue Ridge just to find serious snow. All the kids called Tuesday afternoon to ask if it was snowing where I was at, and talk about her. It was kinda nice.
OK, moment over, gotta get to work.

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