Saturday, February 21, 2009


So, terribly, I forgot about the fact that today was the day to Monster seats if you won the lottery. Which I didn't. But on that day, they always put seats on sale in the afternoon by phone for non-winners. It used to be 3:00, but now it's 2:00. (I told you to read that entire press release which points this out!) Anyway, I forgot about it, until about 4:30. But I figured I'd give it a shot anyway....

...and I got through! I'm telling you, getting tickets to Fenway is NOT as hard as everyone thinks. I'm practically a season ticket holder at this point.

So I got four for one game--as opposed to last year, when I went the slightly more selfish route of getting two seats for one game and singles for two others. And when I say "seats," I mean the 30-dollar standing room. I've never paid for the over-100 dollar seats up there, but have ended up sitting in them plenty of times, as sometimes people don't show up, leave early, or just deal with the fact that there's one less seat because of you, and stand behind their kid or whatever.

So call now! It's the 877 REDSOX9 number.... (Opening Day and Yanks sold out, as are a lot of weekends, but I did get a summer Sunday.)

Here I am last year sitting in a front row Monster seat (again, I paid 30 bucks and sat here all game, with a friend next to me), when a special guest came and sat down beside me:


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