Monday, February 16, 2009

Can'ting Waiting

I just flipped on MLB Network, and Saito was pitching to Josh Bard, in the Dodgers' four consecutive HR game. Now Dave Roberts is facing Aaron Sele. Those four guys represent four very different parts of Red Sox history. Also in this game are JD Drew and Julio Lugo. Ooh, now Manny Alexander is on deck. And, of course, Grady Little is the Dodgers' manager, and isn't it Nomar that ends up with the game-winning dong?

The first thing I noticed when I put this game on was how the seats behind the plate at Dodger Stadium looked much different--it used to be that underground standing area with Mike Brito wearing his hat and holding his gun. Now it's just regular seats. With no Brito. The game's from 2006, so obviously I haven't been paying attention--but I never do when it comes to the National, or bizzaro, League. I had only last year noticed the new seats down the lines. I think I liked it the old way.

But what happened to Brito? He doesn't even have a Wikipedia page! It seems he disappeared with little fanfare, after 20-plus years behind the plate. Or maybe he's come back since, I don't know. Anyone?

Speaking of Saito, I think he's gonna be key for us this year. In fact, our entire pitching staff from top to bottom is pretty amazing. I think our pitching will win us another championship, with our hitters just pounding away for the fun of it. In other words, I can't wait for this season to start.

That reminds me, don't you hate it when it's April, and people, especially those in the sports media field, say things like, "I'm not fully into baseball yet"? It happened a lot last year, with the early start in Japan. What, the five month layoff wasn't enough for you?

And now Bellhorn is on my screen. And from there, cut to a shot of Rudy Seanez. So with all those guys, plus Lowe and Mueller, there were a good dozen ex- or future Sox in this game. Okay, here's the boxscore. Penny started, Embree pitched, the list goes on and on.

And now Nomar is hitting the dong--and I'll switch over to HBO for the new Flight of the Conchords. (Kim got me a Bret & Jemaine T-shirt for Valentine's Day.) (And Jim Gaffigan was hilarious on it last week. I highly recommend this show.)

...Cla Meredith, Todd Walker....even Paul McAnulty, who's in camp with us right now...

We must be on the same wavelength, Jere. I wrote a blog post this morning on my site about watching this very game last night on the MLB Network...
That's amazing. We wrote the same post. And after that, I had to watch the two Twilight Zone episodes, since it's ONLY on Sunday nights now (except for some 5:30 AM slots). It was "man in the cave" and that one where the old guy dies and it turns out he was building a robot of himself the whole time. I gained a little more appreciation for each of those, as neither was a favorite of mine before.

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