Sunday, February 22, 2009


You know that guy who makes the "sports propaganda" prints? He's making Yankee ones now! Boooooooooo!

When I saw he was doing images of non-Red Sox players, I thought my usual, Fine--I have no problem with these non-Yankee opponents.

When I started seeing his work on fucking Dunkin' Donuts posters, I said nothing.

But Yankee shit? BOOOOOOOOO!

Imagine a Red Sox fan sitting there and meticulously painting "26 rings" and "An American Icon"? That's the definition of selling out. I can't see any other reason than money that he would want to do something like that. You know, I was thinking of doing a certain Red Sox-related art project, and part of my idea was to do anti-Yankee versions of it. Because I'm a Red Sox fan.

He becomes no different than the makers of those shirts that say "I root for two teams..." and there's one for Sox fans saying "the Red Sox and whoever beats the Yankees" and one for Yankee fans that says the opposite. Boycott!

I would note that he is indeed a fine artist, but you don't get to be called an artist when you sell yourself out. You're just a corporation. Look, I'm all for someone getting paid for what they love to do. And he was doing just that. Instead of taking some kind of easy way out, he made something with his own two hands, let people know about it all by himself, and charged for it. That's a beautiful thing. That's how it should be done if at all possible. But if you see a demand for something that goes against everything you stand for, you can choose not to meet that demand. Some people like the Yankees. Some people like bin Laden, too, but I don't see any 9-11 widows painting loving portraits of the guy because they know it'll sell.

Somebody's gonna say I'm overreacting. But think of that moment in 2003, right after Boone hit the home run. (Sox fans my age an older can choose a different moment if they prefer.) And imagine you're watching with your best Red Sox fan friend, and you say, Well, I'm gonna go cry myself to sleep, and they turn to you and say, "Eh, I'm gonna stay up. I have to finish this portrait of Derek Jeter I've been working on. I think I'll make him looking all regal and shit, with The Captain at the top. And then I'm gonna get a picture of Yankee Stadium, and hype up the '26 rings' angle--oh, but I better wait, it could be 27, now that they're headed to the World Series yet again while the Red Sox aren't." Would you ever let that person back into your house again?

By the way, I'm just assuming this New England guy who started out doing strictly Red Sox prints is a Red Sox fan. But if he isn't, then it turns out all those were just to cash in on Red Sox hype in the first place, which is almost as bad.
it's like W.B. Mason & Modell's. The 'official' red sox sponsors are also the 'official' Yankee sponsors!!! Bastards!!
Damn. I always kinda wanted those posters. Now I'm glad I never got any.

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