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Left: AP photo of Okajima. The season is RATC. Speaking of TC, he's on right now live from dark Ft. Myers....

If you've ever been to Fenway Park, your shins probably still hurt. Those grandstand seats just flop down, so if you're walking along an empty row of seats, even if you see a seat in the down position, you still might slam into it because the rows are so thin.

This offseason, though, the grandstand seats have been restored, and will now be "pop-up" seats. Woohoo! Of course, now we might have people falling on their butts, forgetting the seat now pops up. After the national anthem, we could see mass injuries. But at least our shins will be spared.

They did this with the bleacher seats, too, when they re-did those. Yes, it's better this way, except for maybe when your hands are full--in the old days you could just leave your seat "down," but now you have to do that move with your butt where you push down and then forward and...okay, enough about this, it's not a huge deal.

Another change is the ads in the walkways under the seats, which supposedly is called the "vomitorium." Those backlit ads have been replaced by ones that look the way the ads looked in the '40s.

If the Grandstand seats are now like the bleacher seats, I might never go to a game again. :(

Being just over five feet tall, my feet no longer touch the ground in the bleacher seats unless I sit way up on the seat, which isn't very comfortable. If the same happens in the grandstand (which I'll probably find out the first week of baseball) I'm not going to be able to sit in the grandstand nor the bleachers without being really uncomfortable. Boo.
They are the exact same seats they have been--the oldest in baseball, just restored and now pop-up style. I think the bleacher seats are a little higher now just because of what they did to the concrete underneath. But then again, they're redoing the grandstand concrete, too, so we'll see if it's the same feel.

They also scraped off about 6 inches of concrete off the main walkway, so people in the loge will have a better view--less heads in the way.

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