Friday, February 27, 2009

58 Degrees (Final)

4:03: Rays get first win. Sox still looking for theirs. 12-4.

3:57: Canadian Steve Green, wearing #97, gets the Rays 1-2-3 in the 8th. We're down to our last three outs. 12-4.

3:39: 12-4 them after 7.

3:16: Ellsbury, Bay, Lowrie, and Nick Green have the RBIs for us today. Dusty Brown has a double.

3:11: Sox fielding all backups now. Zink pitched an inning. Same score, going to 7th.

2:56: 10-4 Devil Rays after 5. Hansack has thrown two scoreless innings.

2:42: Sox have CTLIH, 10-5 now. More importantly than the score, Hansack (who the Rays announcer refers to as "Devren") pitched a nice inning. Okay, now the guy says 10-4, yet I thought it was 10-3, even though he said 10-5 earlier. He's busy talking to some dude, not really telling us what's going on...

2:06: Rays 10, Sox 0, still in the third.

2:00: Rays announcer: "Red Sox fans tried a chant, but were quickly drowned out by Rays fans. So it's Rays Republic 1, Red Sox Nation nothing so far..." Yes, he really said that. For all the people who hate the term Red Sox Nation, they're awfully quick to come up with their own version of it. Also an interesting thing how they're often drawn to alliteration, which ours doesn't have. Now 8-0 Rays in the third.

1:41: Bowden did his part in our collective attempt at fooling the Rays into thinking they're gonna win again in '09--giving up three runs. And this second, Ev-Rod hits a two-run dong off of the new pitcher, Gonzalez, making it 5-0 Tampa. (Okay, new people, I'm not comparing Longoria to A-Rod as a player, but as a smug, vain dude with serious self-esteem issues. (Though he may be as good or better than A-Rod in the end--I'm just saying, my comparison has nothing to do with their skills.))


It's nice and warm here--too bad they're predicting cold and snow for two days from now. But if you live in CT and it's not that bad out on Sunday, come see me and my mom at the Yale Bookstore at 2 PM. Get a book signed, hear us talk, and bring your sled.

Sox game at 1 today, on Gameday Audio.

Hey, can I ask you something about videos? Whenever I post a video, the number of views on the first day is usually very low, according to GooTube. Yet I know there are a lot more of you who read my blog that day. So, is it mainly that you're at work and can't watch video? Do you just think they're stupid? Would you prefer weekends to be the days of choice for videos? If you see that one is up while you're at work, do you ever remember to go back and check it when you get home? I mean, right now, are you thinking, "Cool! Exclusive video of my favorite Red Sox players from '02 is RIGHT HERE and I can't wait to watch when I get home"? Or is it more like, "Oh, more of the same crap, I'll move on"? Or have you stopped reading this post ten minutes ago and already had twelve Twitter conversations since and have no interest in wasting any of your time on anything that might make you sit still for more than 30 seconds? I wanna know!

yes, yes, no, no, yes, no, no yes.
your welcome.
ok, got it. i think.
I think you're doing a fine job. Keep up the great work.
Thanks--I mean, I know people are reading my blog, I'm not questioning that--it just seems like the Views number over on YouTube isn't reflecting it at all. Usually. Some videos get thousands of hits, but then again, a lot of those are just from people searching on YouTube, not coming from here. Like the Punky Brewster video. The Baseball Bunch ones were huge hits, too, with a combination of people coming from here and people searching Baseball Bunch on YouTube.

But, when I do a quick video, like, showing the snow outside--I'll look a month later and it'll still have 33 views, and I know I've gotten thousands of people here since it went up, so I just wonder--do some people not even give the vids a chance? Just watching for two seconds credits it with a "view."
You ARE doing a good job - keep the videos coming!

In my case, I have no sound on my work computer so if I see that there is a video I don't play it. My intention is to go back to it when I am home but I almost always forget. Henceforth, your blog has been read, but no "view" on the video.
I usually read this at work so videos are unavailable and i often will not go back to see the video.

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