Saturday, February 28, 2009


This is the moment! Right now! The exact fifth anniversary of the first post I ever wrote on this blog. 11:42 PM, February 28th, 2004 is when it started. You're reading the 3,560th post right here. I'll have to draw up a sleeve patch.

Last reminder: signing and reading of Dirty Water Sunday at 2:00 at Yale Bookstore. Looks like the weather won't be as bad as we thought. By the way, we're a best-seller now! (Granted, only in a designated area on the South Shore of Mass., but that still counts!)

Good job by most of our pitchers tonight against the Reds, including Double-H, in the second game of a day-night split-squad Double-H. 16-5 over Cincinnati, and 14-0 over Northeastern University earlier. 30 runs in 14 offensive innings. I was surprised they had Castiglione doing both games of a day-nighter in February. But I'm not complaining...

Congratulations! I'm approaching 2000 posts after 3 1/2 years, thanks to the retired Reb and you.

Jere, you and Kim should be prepared to get dumped on with more than a foot of snow. Also, hi to Amazing Larry and the other guy...I don't know his name. I'm a big Larry fan. He can call me Moe, or Curley or meow. Enjoy your Sunday, both of you.
Thanks. Yeah, the big snow comes tonight--but weather will be fine for our signing! Snow comes in at 9 PM and supposedly the Providence area is the "jackpot" area with 10-15 inches.
Congratulations, looking forward tomany more years of reading your blog.
Thank you!
My congratulations to you, Jere, on five great years. Hopefully better ones to come...

On March 13th it will three years that I started my blog, but I don't know the exact time I posted for the first time. I'll have to go back and check...
Congratulations Jere. Enjoy your blog. Keep up the good work.
I've certainly enjoyed my visits here and look forward to more.
I've always said I wish I had more time to post on my own blog. It would seem as though I should have much more time on my hands since losing my beloved Cathy last month but it seems I've been even busier than ever before. And the few times I have taken the time to blog I've been writing about the events of that week in an ongoing "evolving" post. I believe I have almost worked that out of my system now and am thinking I should write some new posts soon.
As usual, your writing is helping to spur me on, so thanks for that!
And also thanks for the link to "joyosity". I checked it out and bookmarked it to come back to. It looks like a fun place.
Quinn: Thanks for your support all these years. (I didn't know my exact time till I checked it the night before. I swear.)

Jay: Thank you!

SoSock: Thanks. Keep it up, at whatever pace you need to do it.

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