Thursday, February 26, 2009

1903 World Series Rematch (Final)

3:55: Sox lose 3-2, after leading from the first to the ninth.

3:47: Error by Diaz, and the Pirates cap a three-run ninth to take a 3-2 lead. We go bottom 9...

3:45: While Gameday showed us Papi's face for 10 minutes, never updating, and Extra Bases twiddled their thumbs, apparently the Pirates were tying it up at 2 in the ninth....

3:29: Ooh, batter interference. Ochoa out on a bunt, and Gameday calls it BI. Papi up, 2 outs in bottom 8. [Edit, Gameday fooled me--inning ended before Papi got to hit.]

3:20: Same old, same old. 2-0. In the 8th. Seven pitchers for us, not one has given up a run.

2:34: Sox down OTT in the 5th. Lots of subs in now... still 2-0.

2:28: Wes Littleton shuts 'em down OTT (1-2-3) in the 5th.

2:19: Still 2-0 after 4.

2:06: 2-0 Sox, end third. Saito pitched the third, giving up just a single. I'm really bankin' on Saito to come through for us in '09. Former Yank Ohlendorf in for the Buccos--just struck out Papi on a called strike to start bottom 3, then got the next two guys.

1:43: Lester catches line drive and throws to first for inning-ending DP. 2-0 us after 1.5.

1:38: Bailey singles home two. He's the star of the spring so far. 2-0 us after 1.

1:15 PM: Lester gives up just a hit in top 1, getting Hinske to end the inning.

Red Sox play Pirates at 1:05. I'll give updates in this post.

People have been coming up to me left and right (in my head only) asking how I can recite all the World Series winners/losers from memory. First of all, I've known a lot of them since as long as I can remember, like all the Red Sox ones and the ones everyone talks about, and I've obviously followed the game my whole life, so anything from the 70s on has just stuck with me.

But there are some tricks you can use while you study the list. Get to know the Yankee win streaks--'36 to '39 and '49-'53. Notice identical matchups and associate them with each other--the A's beat the Giants before and after the Red Sox-Giants 1912 matchup. The Tigers beat the Cubs in '35 and '45. Look for other streaks, like the Cubs being in the series from 1906-1908, and the Tigers losing it from '07 to '09. Or the Yanks-Giants matchup three years in a row from '21 to '23, or the A's beating three different teams from '72 to '74. Then there the flip-flop years, when one team beats another one year, and loses to that same team the next, as in '42-'43, '57-'58, '55-'56, etc. Use common sense--like, if you remember a matchup involves the Cubs after 1908, you know the Cubs lost. Get to know the years that teams who rarely make it were in it, like the Senators, Twins, Mets, and Browns.

I don't know, it's a lot of numbers and mnemonic devices, maybe only a certain type of nerd can master it. But give it a try. You never know when you might need it. Check that, you always know that you'll never need it. Unless you're on a game show.


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