Friday, January 09, 2009

The Young And The Riceless

Did you see Kevin Millar interviewing Dustin Pedroia on MLB Network? That's always a classic matchup. Too bad the other guy was getting in the way with his "serious" questions about "baseball" and stuff.

Kevin also gave a little hitting lesson on how to hit at Fenway--they have a giant indoor baseball field in their studio for this stuff. It was funny to hear Millar admit what we all know: that the Monster is a Siren and that hitting at Fenway for 81 games hurt him on the road. He also said he was a "poor man's Sheffield." So true. I always refer to a line drive pulled foul down the left field line as either a "Millar" or a "Sheffield."

So, Smoltz is in, it would appear, and Kotsay, too. The Santiago (09) team is really rounding out now.

Funny article about Jim Rice and his stories. I think I might do one of my "PREss releases" congratulating him on making the Hall, because I'm sure he's getting in.


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