Sunday, January 18, 2009

Uni Which?

Goose Gossage wore nine different uniforms in his career.

UniWatch's weekend guy is saying Rickey Henderson, who played with eight different teams, has "worn the most uniforms" of any Hall of Famer. But Gossage played for nine teams, and Gaylord Perry also played for eight. (There may be more, who've worn eight or more, I haven't done the full research.) Maybe they mean literally the most different pieces of cloth over his chest, or the most different designs, I don't know. But Rickey is definitely not the Hall of Famer who's played for the most teams.

In other news, some (anonymous, of course) commenter on yesterday's ticket voucher/trophy post called the people who went there "sheep." So, to sum up: Of all the people in the universe, 6,500 of us are now in this exclusive pre-sale with a guarantee to buy the hardest tickets to get in all of baseball. I love it when someone says something with such arrogance and certainty, yet it's the complete opposite of the truth. (Unless sheep are these rare, sacred, unique animals where he comes from--hey, that could be it, maybe he lives in midtown Manhattan, and he was complimenting us for being in this exclusive club.)


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