Sunday, January 18, 2009

Tix 'N' Stuff

Remember, Maine and Vermont people, check here for Monday's voucher-giveaway schedule.

And Orioles regular season tix have just gone on sale, if you're planning a Balty trip in 2009.

Flight of the Conchords' new season starts tonight! (First episode has been available online for a while, but I've somehow held out, waiting to watch it on a real TV.) If you don't know this show and you enjoy stuff that's not anti-funny, give it a try.

When I started this post, I'd planned on saying "can you believe the Arizona Cardinals are headed for the Super Bowl?" Yet now they're actually losing the game! This was one of those deals where they cut to the studio at halftime, and the host says "it appears as if the Cardinals will be going to the Super Bowl." Now they trail with 10 minutes left.

[Update: Can you believe the Cardinals are headed for the Super Bowl?]


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