Friday, January 16, 2009

That Plane Thing

The news stations did a fine job covering the water landing yesterday, except for one aspect of it. If you've never been to New York, and you were watching yesterday, you may have been asking, "how come I can't see New York?" Granted, most of the stationary cameras are gonna be on the New York side of the river, giving you the Jersey background, but how come people weren't setting up on the other side, so viewers could see where this was happening in relation to midtown Manhattan? If you had your TV on mute, you might have thought this was a river in upstate New York--nothing visible besides water an a snowy bluff.

Eventually the plane floated down to the point where you've actually got some scattered high-rises on the Jersey side--which non-New York-centric people probably thought was New York City.

Besides that, it just would've been a really cool shot. Not as cool as if this had happened in the East River or in the harbor, since the island is set down closer to sea level in those spots, but still pretty cool.

[Update: This is kinda what I was lookin''s from when the plane was way downtown--you can see the Woolworth Building.]

Coming soon, my interview with a pilot about the situation.


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