Friday, January 09, 2009

Ten-der Loving Kwiz

Who is this guy? [Update: AJM got it--see comments for answer.]

Also, congrats to Chan on his Florida Gators winning another national championship, to my dad on winning money on them, and to myself on one of my school's rivals getting beat by Chan.

Gene Mauch?
No Mauch.
Duke Snider
Yes, it's Duke Snider, as a coach of the Montreal Expos....

Nice job.
Thank you. I recognized him in the pic, and remembered that he had been a coach for them, and then a broadcaster for many years starting in the early '70's. When the Expos would come to Shea, the Mets' broadcast would usually show a quick shot of him in the visitors' booth.
I never knew of his coaching or announcing days with the Expos. They should've played that up more in the 80s. Like maybe, "If nothing else, we've got Duke Snider."

(Besides the bearded Bill Lee, of course. And Tim "don't call me Rock quite yet" Raines. And like Tim Wallach and Rowland Office and Warren Cromartie and stuff.)
I grew up listening to and watching Dave Van Horne and Duke Snider announce Expos baseball games on the radio and the TV. Both were excellent broadcasters; Duke would on occasion add funny stories to his announcing. He was excellent and he was missed much when he retired from the booth after the 1986 season. (Although we knew it was coming - Duke had said a few times on the air in the years prior that he wanted to retire from broadcasting at age 60.)

Luckily for me, I invested a lot of fandom in the Red Sox as well when I was young, so all was not lost when the Expos became the Beltway Felchers.

Great pic, Jere.
AJM: 5.9. I'm giving Dan .1 since last time he asked for a clue but didn't give a guess and then people got it after I gave the clue, and he got zilch.
Went to add up the new scores, and holy crap, Dan and AJM are within .1 for first. I never check the standings before deciding points, I'd totally forgotten who was in first. Had I given Dan .2, he'd be up by .1 right now, instead he's .1 games back.

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