Thursday, January 29, 2009


McAdam right now at the Supercuts Info Center on Mohegan Sun presents Comcast Sports Tonight saying he "expects" Tek will turn down the deal, and try to get more money from the team in a few weeks.

More speculation. But let's get back to this advertising stuff. How about we make a deal with advertisers? Either they can advertise during the specified time, i.e. the commercial breaks ONLY, OR, they can advertise during shows in titles, on fences in the background, on the bottom of the screen, on people's faces, whatever--and there will be NO commercial breaks. But not both. I think that's fair.

If 'Tek makes a move like that, there's NO chance he'll become a Boston player later...Theo will trade for a catcher, giving up a young arm.
Jere, I mentioned your blog and the 'Tek "speculation" in my Friday morning know how to get there. Enjoy the Super Bowl weekend...I know you're not a big football fan, either am I, but the Bruce halftime show will be worth the price of admission alone!

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