Sunday, January 11, 2009

Successful Other Sport Season

Nothing would've been better than if the Giants had lost the Super Bowl in the final minute against a big underdog, but this was pret-ty, pret-ty good. They were favorites to win the Super Bowl, at home in their first playoff game, a #1 seed against their rival Eagles, a #6 seed. And they lose. One and done for Eli.

His brother, also one and done.

And the Pats--didn't even have to see them in the playoffs at all, which makes me mildly happy, too. (I kind of liked how Pats fans had to root for the Jets in the final week. Now you know what it's like! You can't just say, Okay, Jets, win. You might as well ask the sun to come up at midnight.)

Wouldn't it be crazy if suddenly all the Philly teams won?

Looks like we're getting a snow game in Pittsburgh. The Steelers and Chargers have always been on my "teams I don't hate" list, so I don't care who wins (though the Chargers have been waiting forever to actually win it all so I may lean toward them), but I'll be rooting for the winner to go on to Super Bowl Ecks Ell Eye Eye Eye. And in the Nuhfka, it would be funny to see the Cardinals in the SB, but it would also be cool to see if the Efagles had a chance to make it two in a row for Philly. (Efagles is an old SNL joke. What, you don't know your deca-bet?) Also note that I really don't care all that much about any of this, but sometimes you end up paying attention....

Once again, it's a shame that you weren't rooting against The Favorite Football Team of a Majority of Yankee Fans last year. And it remains inexplicable why you continue to hate on The Favorite Football Team of a Majority of Red Sox Fans, (including Kim and several of your readers).

Patriot fans can rightly be proud of their team for winning 11 games this year (enough to make the playoffs 99% of the time) despite losing their starting QB (one of the best players in the league) 8 minutes into the season, along with several other major injuries. My Dad is a Jet fan, so I was rooting for both the Pats and the Jets to make the playoffs. Unfortunately, Brett Favre this point he's probably even more overrated by the media than Derek Jeter.
How is it inexplicable that I don't root for a team I've never rooted for?

I was thinking before the season that maybe I should get back into it--reclaim the Jets as my team (instead of my current team which is "no team"). Then they got freakin' Favre, who I never liked, so I was like, Nope, screw that.

And I would argue that a good chunk of Red Sox fans are Giants fans, especially older ones.

I'm all about the Connecticut "in between" way. You've got both sides to be influenced by. If I'd been a Pats and Celts fan growing up, I never would've seen any of my teams play. At least choosing the Nets and Jets at a young age allowed me to watch my teams on TV. (Although at various points channel 30 would go with Pats.)

And I would never root for the Giants...unless some Yankee fan quarterback and traitor/ cheater/ ex-Giant coach ends up playing them, and even then, as you know, I would've been pissed either way, but in the end, I rooted for the underdog. Even though after they took the lead, I was still rooting for one final comeback from the Pats. Yet, I really was just rooting for the game to be canceled so I didn't have to deal with it. And, after that, even if they played the Pats in this year's Super Bowl, I WOULD have rooted for the Pats, as, at that point, the Giants would deserve to have happen to them what they did to the Pats.

It was just a perfect storm of events that made me root FOR, kinda, the Giants, but I always root against the Pats pretty much, if only quarter to half heartedly.
Not asking you to root FOR the Patriots, just don't like the fact that you root actively AGAINST them...I think the thing that still bugs me about it is that you gloated about them losing the SB last year in front of Kim.

Yep...there are still a bunch of old-timers in New England who go back before the Pats existed who root for the Giants. So what? There are probably just as many old folks in New England who still root for the Yankees because of Joe DiMaggio. I guarantee that if you poll a meaningful sample of self-described Sox fans as to their favorite football team, the most common answer would be the Pats...far more than root for the Giants. And the Giants are definitely the #1 choice of Yankee fans, who were all too gleeful to chant "18-1" for months. Thank god Eli and the GMen got exposed as one-year flukes today.
"And the Giants are definitely the #1 choice of Yankee fans"

Yeah, which is why hearing Pats fans talk about hating the Jets and being "rivals" with them make me want to be anything but a Pats fan.

If Kim knew the rules of football maybe it would've been hard for me to gloat in front of her. And besides, isn't that what sports fans are supposed to do? Last year you joked that I was celebrating with my Yankee fan friends about the Giants winning--and that's true! Since my friends and I never got to root for the same teams (save the NY/NJ Knights of the WLAF), it WAS cool to be like, Hey, we're all rooting for the same team for a change. My Bears fan friend, my Jets fan friend, my Packer fan friend, we all wanted to see the Pats go down. Likewise, sometimes you root for a different team than your girlfriend.

I used to say I "didn't care" about the Pats, but the more I thought of it, the more I realized I always rooted against them. Again, I never thought of them as a Jets rival, but I never rooted for the Pats in a neutral matchup. The '85 SB, that game when they beat the Rams on a hail mary, that SB vs the Packers, and right up to that first SB of the new era, for whatever reason, I've always gone against them. And like I said, I DID feel the pressure when the internet came around, and I started realizing all these Sox fans were Pats fans, and I didn't like the feeling iof hearing "Boston Sucks" at a Jets game or that of people making fun of the Jets at Fenway Park. I ALMOST decided to go the all-New England teams route, as my dad did, but I quickly realized you can't change loyalties. So I just said "no more football team, no more basketball team." Although I did speak of a "10-year" plan where I said I'd like the NE teams but I'd have to wait 10 years so none of the players would be the same.

But wait! Just tonight, I made a suggestion to Kim where we could like the same football team. Announcement to come soon!!!!
Glad to see someone else remembers that funny "Decabet" sketch with Dan Aykroyd back when SNL was SNL. Making the alphabet just 10 letters. Great stuff.

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