Saturday, January 24, 2009

Slight Weirdness, But Still Okay

The key for me on this sale was getting four tickets together for a game our friends from Philly are coming up for. And I got those, within ten minutes. So I'm satisfied. Got them through computer--never did get in on phone.

However, when I went back to get more, there was a lot of high volume messages even when I got through, and every time I was about to buy, there was just a lot of reloading and timing out. I finally got a bunch of tix I wanted, and got to the address/credit card page, but it wouldn't take my card! The same one I've been using with them for a while. By the time I thought to use a different card, those tix were timed out again....

So I may keep trying, or just stick with the ones I got, which were the most important ones anyway. I've already got so many tix this season, so............

[Update: Ended up just using my old credit card for more tix. Why would an old one work, but a perfectly good one that I've used to buy things recently including other tickets be invalid because it "doesn't match what we have on file"? The one I ended up using isn't on their file at all!]

Glad you did well.

I broke through the VWR at 10:10 (a new record for me) but with all the "high volume - click continue" messages it was 10:45 before I completed the transaction. But I'm happy I was able to get tix to one of the Mets games, which is what I was afraid of selling out.

My friend had the "credit card not on file" thing mess up her pre-sale attempt last week. (And by the time she got home to use a different card, the games she wanted were not available in the bleachers anymore. I guess they only had a limited number of each game as part of the pre-sale.)

As of the 3 pm update, by my count there is only one game (7/7) that's not "limited availability".
Nice job.

Good to know someone else had my problem--so there's probably nothing wrong with my card.

Butty shitty to know that the problem happens at all, though.
That's bizarre about the card. I know you can tell from the card type and expiration what card the system expects you to use, but I never dreamed there'd be a problem if you didn't! (Fortunately I am boring and predictable on that score!)

My source of frustration today was that after I got through all the high volume notices and managed to select my tickets, I did fine on the payment screen, hit the final button for purchase... and got a blank screen, with just the Sox header. Agonized for a while--did it go through? How long do I wait to see if I get a confirmation? I lost another live window while afraid to try again--I went looking for a single to a game where I'd had a single in the cart, and couldn't get the same single--but did on the next chance find that tix I'd "bought" were still available for sale. :( I've had screens hang before, but never hit a final order submission and had it go into the ether.
At one point I also got a page that half loaded. I tried reloading, and then basically none of the buttons worked anymore so I gave up on it. There was some serious frustration today, but, again, fortunately I have a lot of tix already, and I shouldn't be spending crazy money.

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