Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Rice In Hall Era, Day 2

Jim Rice will be inducted on July 26th. I figure the Red Sox will retire #14 on a weekend after that. There are only four home weekend series' from then until the end of the season. I'm thinkin' that August weekend when the Yanks are in town would be perfect. I won't be able to go to the induction ceremony, but that's okay--I really just want to be at the game when they retire Jim's number. And then we'll definitely do a Cooperstown trip in the fall to see the Rice display and plaque. (And we'll hope to see something else of note there at that point....)

It was fun watching the Sox-Twins game NESN showed tonight. Great moment when Kent Hrbek put a tag on Dwight Evans, who was already standing on first base. Dewey just grabbed the ball and gave it right back to him.

I remember that so well..other than Yaz, Dewey was by far the best outfielder on the face of this earth. And he had a better arm...what could be bigger than rightfield at Fenway?

P.S. I once saw, in person, Reggie Smith throw a ball from the centerfield Fenway fence (triangle) over the backstop. Nobody could believe it!
I enjoyed the '86 game on NESN, too. The Can pitched a heck of a game! I wish they'd show more old games from the 80's and 90's instead of the Mother's Day Miracle over and over.

My guess for the retirement ceremony is the following weekend, against Toronto at the end of August. My reasoning is that they'd want to show the ceremony on the pre-game show, but the Sat/Sun games against the yanks will likely be on FOX/ESPN, meaning no pre-game.

I'd love to be there for it. I got to be there for Fisk's and Pesky's. And as a fellow child of the 80's, Jim Ed (along with Dewey) was my fave!
Great call on the ceremony estimate. The other two options are TB in Sept, and those games also could be national now. And Cleve on that last weekend, the first wknd of Oct, and I wouldn't think it would be so late. So you're right, the last weekend of August really could be it.

I agree: more 80s games, please. But who knows where the TV 38 games are.....

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