Thursday, January 01, 2009

October Games Slipping Even Team's Mind

You know how I theorized that the fact that there are four regular season games scheduled for October would mean easier ticket availability to those games? Well, not only are fans not noticing, but even the team forgot about the little Octies in this recent error message. You can say it's a space issue, but there's clearly room there. You could say "the first week of October counts as September," but if that was the case, they'd slip that week onto the September page of their schedule, which they don't do. You have to click on "October" to even see that those games exist. Oh, and you could say, Maybe those October games aren't included in this sale, but you'd be wrong, as they are, and I've already bought plenty of tix for them.

All's I'm's sayin's is, I know that final weekend is always a popular ticket, so if you want to go, well, you know the drill.


Belated thanks for the soap gift boxes! I thought they were great, and they were very popular. Happy New Year!

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