Monday, January 05, 2009

The O

I think the media is (getting a kick out of) overblowing the Red Sox' offensive "issues." Just because you try to get a really good hitter on your team, that doesn't mean you had a glaring omission. The Red Sox are always trying to improve their team in any way possible. They took a shot at doing that with Teixeira, but it didn't work. So we move on. But the media makes it seem like we're a bunch of losers for "not getting the job done." And then it's, "Oh look, they tried to get this other hitter. And this one, and this one. They must really stink if they tried to get those guys!"

No. We're smart. We don't say, We want this guy so bad that we'll risk ruining everything we've built to get him. I haven't heard Theo come out and say "We failed. We screwed it up and now we're gonna finish last because our offense absolutely blows. Even though it was one of the best in the league last year." It's the media that makes that crap up, and they act like it's fact. Leading copycats to do the same thing, making it the established thinking. This is why I'm anti-(most) sports media.

You know how you can tell a Yankee sympathizer? When they, claiming to be a fan of some other team, tell you that "the Red Sox don't spend the money--don't do what it takes, like the Yankees do." If these are the fans who think the Red Sox have too much money, why wouldn't they be saying, "Hey, great job setting a limit on Teixeira"? Besides, when anyone tells you that, tell 'em that maybe if the Yanks had "done what it takes" to get Matsuzaka, they might have won the 2007 World Series.

The one area where I will criticize my team in this situation is Manny Ramirez. If you truly wanted to improve your team, and you're one of the few who can afford Manny, how can you justify not being in the running for him? You think Manny's childish? What do you call it when a business refuses to improve itself due to personal reasons?

I do pride myself on being the type who has limits when it comes to who I want on my team. Yankee fans would gladly take Osama bin Laden on their team if he had a good curveball. Look no further than the fact that every single star the Red Sox have ever had has been coveted by Yankee fans. They might hate the guy on the field, but the second he becomes a free agent, they'll smile at the thought of the enemy playing for their own side, as long as it helps them win. Because that's the Yankee way. Win at all costs--killing your family, taking the best drugs, maniacal dictators on the mound, "whatever it takes." Think about it--did any Red Sox fan ever talk about wanting Jeter on their team? Yet in the late 90s all we heard was them almost bragging about the eventual Nomar & Jeter infield in The Bronx. Mo Vaughn? "We'll take him!" Pedro? "Destines to bring a title to Yankee Stadium!" Yaz? "He's from Long Island, send him over!" Now I wonder about that much talked about Ted for Joe deal back before I was born. Must've been Yankee fans who made that one up. Would a Red Sox fan want to trade Ted Williams? I think a Yankee fan would've happily traded Joe DiMaggio if they could get somebody better...

But all that "being said," Manny doesn't fit into that category. That category that Roger Clemens fits into. The "I wouldn't take that guy on my team if he had superpwers" category. In fact, where are the pro-Clemens people on this? The ones who said, "bring back Roger so he can finish his career where he started it" people? (Yes, some Sox fans cross lines I wouldn't cross.) You'd take that dirty drug-taking Yankee but you won't take Manny, one of your own?

I don't post comments by banned people, but one of them asked if Indians fans could also think of Manny as "one of their own." Absolutely. That really wasn't the point. The point was that we loved Manny for years, and some of us still do, and he brought us championships, etc, as opposed to Clemens, who we watched go to the Yanks and won with them.

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