Sunday, January 18, 2009


You know how every league makes championship gear for each team involved in a championship game? And every time, somebody discovers the incorrect merch online and thinks it's some new thing--"hey look, I found a shirt with the WRONG team on it!" (As opposed to me, who finds the stuff knowing that it's gonna be there anyway, but still posts it because it is kind of funny.)

Anyway, the Steelers just won the AFC, and when I saw the commercial to buy gear on, I went there to do my usual search for the merch that shows the losing team winning. Well, in this case, I didn't have to look very far. I went to, clicked on the "shop" icon on the top right of the front page, and a list of championship merchandise came up: NFC champion Cardinals, AFC champion...Ravens! Click the Ravens link, and see all the different products you can get that proclaims them AFC champs. As of 10:34 PM, it's still like that.

Just when I thought we were finally getting to the point where they avoid this stuff at all costs, they go and make it the easiest one ever.
Again, this wasn't something I had to find by typing in different urls--I clicked "shop" and this came up.

What a unique approach! Some of those "Dewey Wins" items may be worth big bucks later on. And of course I was talking about the picture with newly elected President Truman holding up a newspaper with that mistaken headline plastered on the front.

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