Thursday, January 01, 2009

Midnight Sun

Nice job, showing Midnight Sun at midnight. The pig faces episode got the coveted 8 PM slot, followed by Obsolete Man. Saw The Hitchhiker earlier, too. It's been a great day of Zones and sledding in the 8 new inches of snow we got today, just when the previous snow had finally disappeared. Terrible job by CNN who, with 10 seconds left till 12:00 removed their clock from the screen, leaving Anderson Cooper and a drunk Kathy Griffin to count along to nothing. (She also threatened repeatedly to expose his wang, much to his dismay. Come on, Anderson, you gotta know what you're getting into when you team up with her.)

Conversation just now:

Me: Here's a quiz for ya--what does the T.F. stand for in T.F. Green?

Kim, falling asleep: Tutti Frutti....

Happy New 365, all.

THIS IS REAL**Did you hear Kathy Griffith with her mic on while fighting with a passer byer?? Yeah, live on CNN-audio was running and she's fighting with a passer byer and she says, "at least I have a job!" and then " I should go by your job and knock the di@*s out of your mouth", then she says "do you think they heard that?" because someone from CNN set must have told her that her microphone was on. They cut to commercial too late. Needless to say, we love Anderson but a fan or not of Kathy's- her trash factor exudes!!!
Happy N Year! Everyone knows -- influential gilded-age Senator Theodore Francis, of course!

We also watched the CNN people, I thought we were the only ones. Cooper's genuine discomfort around Kathy Griffin was palpable and entertaining. There were so many snippy asides...
Ha. I didn't hear those remarks by KG, but did see Anderson giving the "cut" (slashing at neck) sign--he probably didn't know he was on and was really getting pissed at her. It was fun....
Yes, we happened to catch the pig-face Twilight Zone episode as well. Hadn't seen that one in a long time; I'd forgotten about the 1984-Big-Brotheresque Pig Leader on all the flat screens preaching conformity.

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