Saturday, January 24, 2009

Merry Tixmas

The *new* ticket number is up and running. Of course, we still have to wait until 10 before we can actually buy anything. But if the message on there now is any indication, they've got a new woman to read the options, probably since this new line is through, as opposed to the Red Sox ticket office. I'm gonna miss the last one--she's been a fixture in the championship era. She really nailed that "computer" voice. Either that or she was a computer. But I'm pretty sure it was a real woman--possibly from New Hampshire--who taped all the messages:

"we will now begin a brief registration process..."

"to select a game by date, press one"

and the classic

"for....12 dollar....lower 7"

Oh, and what about

"be-CUZ this ticket kee-ategory is nearly sold out, seats may be in different sections. Will you accept seats that are not together?"

I will accept, Carol. I will accept. Please note that only now have I come up with this name for her. Farewell, Carol, it was a pleasure beeping at you. We'll see what this new lady brings to the table. I'm skeptical.

Good luck redialing and/or virtually waiting, everybody. As usual, see ya on the other side.....


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