Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Makin' A Lotta Dollars, But No Sense

The thing I always wonder when the Yankees give a player a huge contract is: Does the player really think the Yankees "wanted him more"? Or do they realize the Yankees just have the most money? Seriously, do you think the Pirates wanted Teixeira any less than the Yankees did? I'd say they wanted him way more, based on their performance these last fifteen years. Teixeira, for one, does not understand:

"Contract was important. I wasn't going to take half as much money to play in New York. But when a team like New York steps up and is very competitive with their contract, it was an easy decision for me."

Fans want players who would take half as much money to play with their team. How do these guys not get this? He goes on and on about his lifelong love of the Yankees and their proximity to Baltimore and...Hoboken, was it? Yet he comes right out and says, basically, "I wouldn't have come here had they not given me so much money." Nice job, Richard. You're just another guy for them to boo anyway.

I love how Yankee fans read anything like this and say "you're just jealous." No, you're jealous. We have what you want, so you have to go around flaunting any possible thing you can, as it's all you've got. Yes, I said we've got what you want, which is the most recent championship between us. You may say (if you're really delusional), Hey, you didn't win last year, we're even right now. Imagine if I'd said that too you in any year after you didn't win from the day I was born until 2004. What would you have said to that? That's right, you'd have said "1918."

And another thing! What's with all these articles sucking up to Yankee spending? First of all, it's so old. They always act like they're the first to think of it, when we all know they're just doing it to attempt to stand out. "Hey, check it out, you should LOVE that the Yanks spend 400 million dollars in one offseason, yeah, that's the ticket." They all say, "Don't complain, they didn't break any rules, and it helps your team the more they spend!" Come on. We're not saying they broke the rules, we're saying that they're assholes! "Hey, is your prick of a boss a trillionaire? Well, he pays more taxes--it helps you! Go ahead, give him a hug!" No! "But he's not breaking any rules..." Doesn't mean I don't still hate his guts!

That guy who's flogging you--his flogging wand is giving the poor children in the dungeon with you a nice breeze! You should LOVE him! If you don't, you're unAmerican.

Jere, that last paragraph said it all! It's ice here all day. Snow is SO much better.
Did you watch NECN last night? After airing excerpts from the news conference, they cut back to Chris Collins, who just stood there and said, "Blah, blah, blah..." We laughed out loud.
Awesome. I just told that to Kim and now WE are laughing out loud. Love that Crazy Chris!
I still think Crazy Chris played Urkel in a prior life.

Anyhoo, the thing that's annoying about the praise for the Yankees spending money is that it's often backed up by some bullshit comment about how the Yanks have more money that anyone else primarily because Steinbrenner is such a brilliant businessman. The fact of the matter is that the Yanks' revenue advantage is largely the result of being in the largest US media market by far, and therefore getting the most lucrative cable deal. I give Steinbrenner zero credit for this; when he bought the team in '73, there was simply no way to see how big cable tv would become in the subsequent decades.

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