Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Looking Up

Are you without a football team to call your own? Were you spurned? Ready for a change? Sick of all that pesky "winning" and those "expectations"? Looking to be part of a new community? Well, Kim and I are ready to take that step. She was always a Pats fan but really doesn't follow the sport closely anymore, and I grew up a die-hard Jets fan, but around the turn of the millennium, gave up on the sport entirely. So we've made a pact. And you can join us in that pact. We will now officially become fans of a new team. And that team is...

the Detroit Lions!

I've often spoken of maybe starting fresh with a new team in various non-baseball sports leagues. The goal is to find one that you really have no previous feelings toward, good or bad, and who hasn't won in a while, so you avoid being labeled a bandwagoner. But nothing ever took. But the Lions--they're perfect. 0-16. What a time to jump on board. When they finally win the Super Bowl, it will be a sweet moment. Hopefully they don't disband before then.

So join us! Come on, you know you wanna be a Detroit Lions fan! Okay, maybe you know for certain that you don't want to be one. But just try it, it'll be fun. And finally your team will play on Thanksgiving. Unless they change that, like everyone seems to be calling for. I hope to give Lions updates every Monday next fall and winter.

Or I could totally forget about this tomorrow. We'll see. Hey, guess what? Red Sox pitcher Jon Smoltz is already a Lions fan! And who could forget Sam, the Red Sox blogger who also roars Lion blilver. That's what we Lions fans call blue & silver. Stand up with us, and become a Litizen of Lion Lation.

I already have a long-suffering allegiance when it comes to football: the Minnesota Vikings, a Lions rival.

Good luck with Lions, Jere. You'll need it.
BTW,for what it's worth, Derek Lowe, born in Michigan, is also a diehard Lions fan.
Aw, man...I want Vikings now! Vikings! See how hard this always proves to be.... There's still time. I'm sure I'll forget about this anyway....
I saw this one coming a mile away. The Lions actually have a great tradition, but it keeps moving farther and farther into the past.

They're kinda like the Toronto Maple Leafs (or Chicago Blackhawks) of the NFL. If you're serious about actually becoming a Lions fan, you should read the George Plimpton classic Paper Lion.

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