Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Kaylee Update

Thanks to another person duped by Kaylee, I was able to find the new blog of our favorite fake cancer victim. As is Kaylee's custom, she's just acting like everything's normal--just a little line about "no more lies," and move right on with her e-life. I don't know how she expects people to take her seriously.

Anyway, that same woman linked above sent me Kaylee's now-deleted apology, which I will repost here:

"Kaylee....comes clean....

I need to come clean to you all. One of my readers and and I were recently talking on Facebook and she told me how she really felt about this whole thing. And told me that she does not like being lied to and thought that I was lying about some stuff on here. I havent been telling the whole truth and I think you all need to know that. I don’t have cancer. The only thing that i am really suffering from is depression. I also want you all to know that my family situation isnt as bad as I have been making it out to be.My sister and my dad did not die and my mom does not abuse me. Also, the pictures that I posted were of my sister not me. The reason that I have been posting during the day is because well I dropped out of school. That is the truth. Big mistake I know but, I chose to do it. I don’t have that many friends in real life and the only reason for that is I dont make an effort to go out and make them. I sit around the house way too much. I hang out with you guys because of this. I am truly sorry that I lied to you all but, I do hope you all forgive me. It was so hard to write this post but, I felt that it had to be done.Especially, since there are people out there like Teeni that have been through cancer and stuff. I will be hapy to answer further questions in my comments section!!!! You will see the real me from now on. :) "

Yes, Kaylee, some other people actually have the diseases you pretended to have. Every moment I spent sympathizing for you could have been time spent on my girlfriend's mom, who has cancer. Not, "says she has cancer," but really has cancer.

OMG! I was wondering about that girl and that blog. I thought it was fake, but must have missed the apology.

Thanks for solving the Kaylee mystery (you seem to be good with mysteries!)
My original post about it is a few days back, you can scroll down.

"You will see the real me from now on."

Talk about the girl who cried wolf!
This probably shouldn't bother me any more than anyone else, maybe less since I never heard of her until your post a few days ago, but it seems like it does.
Perhaps the fact that I readmitted my wife to the hospital on Monday and we've been on pins and needles ever since wondering if her cancer has moved into her lungs has something to do with it.
So on one level I think "what a sad story, that she feels this is the only way to have people be concerned about her", and on another I think "this girl should be drawn and quartered".
BTW - Tex's wife pillow-talked into going to NY. HA!
I'm going to love hating him! :)
Jere, I had already read the "apology." It was sent to me by Christine (?) from Boston Red Thoughts. And Kaylee didn't cry wof...she HOWLED it!
Thanks for posting Kaylee's "apology."

All the best to Kim's mom.
OMG! I always wondered about her ... I stopped reading her blog and thought it was a lot of crap. I have been so out of the loop lately and then saw your post.

I am utterly disgusted ... losing my own father last year to cancer was awful.

For this girl to LIE repeatedly and beg for your sympathy is ridiculous. I hope she realizes it will come back to her in the end.

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