Friday, January 30, 2009

Jere Interviews Pruane2Forever

Coming next week, a more serious interview with an ex-Major Leaguer! In the meantime, enjoy this other interview I did recently:

You know this kid Pruane2Forever, aka "SexMan"? He makes YouTube videos, and I totally didn't hear about them until Anthony told me about them last week. If you haven't seen them, look here. Warning: They're completely effed up. I recently conducted this awesome interview with him by e-mail:

RSFPT: When you first started making videos, did your motherfucking parents know?

Pruane2: My parents know. I started making videos in 2007.

RSFPT: At some point, did you say to those bastards, "by the way, I'm an internet sensation?"

[No answer.]

RSFPT: Do you feel goddamn pressure every waking hour of your life to continue your run of popularity, or do you not worry about bullshit like that?

Pruane2: I feel no pressure.

RSFPT: I hear you are from fucking Canada, yet you sound like a U.S. southerner. Which is it?

[No answer.]

RSFPT: Do people on the street recognize you? Do your teachers know about your videos?

Pruane2: Some of my teachers know.

RSFPT: Do they try to "fit in" to your world by cursing, as I have clearly done here?

[No answer.]

RSFPT: What the fuck?

[No answer.]

RSFPT: Thanks. Keep up the bizarre work.

A Sox Man! Interview!


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