Wednesday, January 14, 2009

It Happened The Other Night

That's when I found out where the line "where'd you learn to dunk, finishing school?" came from. I remember the line from an old basketball sneaker commercial, which cut to a scene in an old movie, and a man said the line to a woman while they ate donuts. I always wondered what movie that was from.

So the other night, Kim and I were watching It Happened One Night. And as Clark Gable and Claudette Colbert are sitting there with their donuts, it hit me. This is the scene! Now Kim had seen this movie before, so I waited for the moment, and to her surprise, said the line right along with Gable.

(A similar thing happened a few years ago, involving a Costanza line taken from an old movie, which Kim also introduced me to....)

Kim and you share a phsycic connection, just like I do with my girlfriend who lives in way too cold Minnesota (minus 35 degrees Thursday wind chill included). And that's just SO great.
Say hi for me...stay warm. Hi to the cats. My fave is the tabby. He looks like one of my twin brother kitties, who aren't here anymore, except in my heart. Thanks, Jere.

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