Sunday, January 04, 2009


Whenever we take I-195 and cross that bridge from Somerset to Fall River, I look to the south and see another, much cooler-looking bridge off to the south. Today we were exploring that area, and part of the trip involved going over this mystery bridge. Here are some shots.

This is from Fall River, Mass., a few steps north of the Rhode Island border. (Didn't know this at the time. I thought we were in Tiverton, RI.)

This one is from Aquidneck Island, which used to be all of Rhode Island, which is kinda why our state is called an island but isn't an island at all.

Also from Aquidneck Island. Now we were almost at the bridge, which connects the island to the rest of Rhode Island, aka the mainland. That's named after an island.

Okay, so we get on the bridge, which I know now is called the Mt. Hope Bridge, and holy crap. Scary as a mofo. The key to the fright-fest is that it's so thin. It's two lanes total, no divider. 28 feet wide. By comparison, the Williamsburg Bridge in NYC is the height above the water, but it over a hundred feet wide. That one's scary enough, because you drive on the outside of the train tracks, right along the railing, which isn't very high. But just imagine if that whole train tracks area was gone, leaving you with just that short railing right next to you on BOTH sides. That's the crazy Mt. Hope Bridge. Also, it feels like you're going straight uphill. The below picture only does it, like, 20% justice.

How come this bridge doesn't get more attention? Maybe I just don't hang around in bridge discussion groups often enough.

PS I'm sure a lot of you knew all about this, but I obviously didn't cuz I ain't from 'round here.

.....coming soon: thealexvanderpooleera.....

I got my undergrad degree at Roger Williams University which is right at the foot of the Mt. Hope Bridge (on the Bristol side). And I agree; one creepy bridge to cross. Especially on foot. Drunk.

It's also very creepy to stand around the base of the bridge on the beach below--the site of more than a few after-class bashes. Why that area isn't a hotbed for filming gangster/horror flicks, I'll never understand.
Ha. I did notice RWU as we drove past. That's something else I've been reading about lately: Roger Williams. Interesting character.
That beach under the bridge is definitely worth checking out. Very weird area.

Growing up in Bristol, I never thought of the Mt. Hope bridge as particularly terrifying, but it is pretty exciting to drive over on windy days...
The Braga (sp?) Bridge (the first one, not the one you explored), if I recall correctly. Went over it numerous times as a kid in the other direction (Fall River to Somerset) on the way to my grandparents' house.

I don't know that I've ever been on the Mt. Hope Bridge, though I've wondered about it as well.

Wow. I totally just f'n made that about me. At any rate, being from that area-ish, enjoyed this post.
Kim is from that area, and said she always called it the "Fall River Bridge," and only this past Christmas when we were with her family did someone tell her it was actually called the Braga Bridge.

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