Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Hold This, Slaughter

I hope you're seeing this right now. MLB Network is showing the original, black & white 1946 World Series film. This is amazing. I was hoping this network would do stuff like this. This is after the beginning of the Ken Burns Baseball documentary, which ran from 8-10:30, and will be on for the next few Tuesdays. (With hopefully me in the new, updated "inning," as I was walking around Fenway when Burns was there this past season filming for it.)

Ooh, the Williams Shift. I gotta go finish watching this...

The MLB channel is a frequent and sometimes addicting cable channel...I'm SO happy that Comcast added it here.
Yeah, wasn't it cool seeing Johnny Pesky half a lifetime ago with dark hair? It was great seeing those old-timey guys bat and field.
I haven't been able to watch much of the MLB Network here in Rochester, NY, but what little I've been able to catch has been impressive and leaving me wanting more.

MLB does good?

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