Friday, January 30, 2009

Exactly What I Wanted

I said it as far back as this whole things' been going on. That the Red Sox should sign Tek to a one-year deal, two at the most. Get him cheap and transition into whoever the new catcher will end up being. And that's what they did. One year deal, 5 million bucks, with a club option for another year.

Of course, minor details may change, as the initial report is rarely exactly accurate, but, the key is, he's back, it didn't cost much, and within a year or so, we'll be moving on to a younger guy, as we have to.

It's exactly what I wanted too, Jere. A one year deal with an option for a second sounds perfect. The Sox still might make a trade for a young behind the plate guy before the season begins, but right now, all is well, except it's too darn cold out!

Hey, have fun watching the Super Bowl with Kim and the kitties, and don't forget BRUUUUCE and the band at halftime...12 minutes of sheer enjoyment, with a social commentary from Bruce probably included. He speaks his mind. He and the E Street Band are playing the XL Center in Hartford on April 24th, a Friday night!! If you two feel like coming in, let me know before Monday at 10am. That's when the Ticketmaster sales begin. The concert will start a little after 8pm, even though the tix say 7:30pm. If I can't score decent seats from T'master, I have contingency plans already in place. You know me...I try to never miss a Bruce show. Stay well. Hi to Kim.
I like his social commentary--but never was a big fan of his music.

So if he's doing a speaking engagement somewhere.....let me know.

Good luck getting tix.

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