Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Done And Done

Got my tix. Very easy on a Tuesday afternoon, as I expected. I was surprised, though, that the Mets games were not included in this sale. I assumed they were going on sale with the rest of the summer games, but I guess they'll be separate, along with Yanks, Opening Day, and Pats' Day. Either that or: they forgot, or: they will go on sale Saturday with the rest of the summer games, but they kept 'em out of this pre-sale only.

This was a great practice run for Saturday, too!

Update, 3:40 PM: Sox avoid arbitration with Papelbon--one year deal.

I had the feeling they might hold some games from the pre-sale. Did you notice whether any others weren't available--the Braves in June, say?
They had every game onsale that wasn't already onsale--besides the usual suspects and the Mets. One thing I got was a Braves game. But if you clicked on May it was all blank. That's why I thought it could've been a mistake to leave off Mets--maybe they forgot there was a series from April/May/Sept/Oct that they didn't have onsale already. Because I think the press release about the regular sale only says they're holding back Yanks, OD, PD.
I was looking for the Mets series, too. I think they forgot that not all the May games had gone on sale yet - like they keep forgetting to mention the October games.

I got a Braves game and a Mariners game. Guess the NYM series will be the first one I go for on Saturday.

Good luck to everyone!

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