Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I am really happy that Derek Lowe appears to have signed with the Braves. While it might have been cool to have him back, the key is that we don't have to see him in pee-stripes. So there's that, but I also love that this means a lot of people that sounded sure of themselves turned out to be wrong. (This isn't the first time, of course.)

Let's start with Boston.com's Extra Bases "blog." As I mentioned at the time, from December 24th to December 31st, they didn't update the blog. (Hey, you can't expect people who are paid to do this to actually work....) That left this post at the top for a week: "Derek Lowe closing in on deal with Mets." The writer? "Staff." The source? "A baseball source."

On another site, I saw a link to a Yankee blog which had a post with this headline: "Lowe Bound for New York." This site was linked by others (which is how I knew about it, as I have no interest in reading Yankee blogs). A "hat tip" to this site for hearing a rumor, and stating it as if it were fact. Checking their archives, I see they had an earlier post saying "Yanks close on Lowe." Again, it's the "real" media itself that drives people to say this stuff when they give incorrect reports without giving their own name or a source name to avoid all responsibility.

And all these sites get all the hits. Maybe I need to just blatantly lie more...

Anyway, congratulations to Derek Lowe on what APPEARS to be a deal with the Braves. Now maybe they won't be so mad at us for taking Smoltz from them.

Final note: while at that Yankee blog, I couldn't help notice a post that proved two things I always say about Yankee fans: 1. that they'd take anyone (the enemy, a cheater, Stalin, etc.) on their team if it helped them win and 2. they erase all negative things from their memories. (It was a post dreaming of getting Pedro, which also mentioned how if they don't get him, they could break out their Who's Your Daddy shirts! Starting your enemy on Opening Day, with a 1918 hat on! Yeah!)

Final note part 2: Just saw Jim and Rickey at their press conference. Funny stuff. Now Smoltz having his--seems happy to be here.

The finalest note: Great job by the PawSox, who, having messed up my ticket order, had a guy call me and apologize and personally secure new similar seats for me.

The finalestest note: If you're a blogger, and you write a little post about something, you can't go to other more popular sites and "tip them off to it" so it can get linked. Just write it, and if people want to link it, they will. It's one thing if you write some epic piece and want to share it, but, I'm just sayin', a lot of times I'll notice some uniform-related thing, and I'll tell Paul at UniWatch, and he'll post it if he thinks it's relevant along with a thank you to me. But I don't find something on MY OWN BLOG and tell him about it. (Again, unless I do a specific, at length, uni-related post.) It just makes me nauseous when I see some paid, newspaper blogger whose blog came with a built-in audience repeatedly go to an even more popular site to pimp their OWN SITE. Especially when their site is complete tabloid-style crap and the person doesn't know shit about the Red Sox.

Jere, I just heard about Lowe..lose Smoltz, sign Lowe, I guess.

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