Saturday, January 24, 2009

Casey Eyez Killah

Bradford says Sean Casey retired, and will now work for MLB Network. I'm wondering if he'll do some Red Sox-specific job, since Jon Smoltz acted like he'd now be hanging out with El Alcalde at his press conference. But maybe he just hadn't heard the news that Casey probably wasn't gonna be on the team in '09.

Also, remember my post about Krazee Eyez Killah? I think he might be in one of those Joe Torre "wheatgrass" commercials, which have been airing for a while. Watch for it, and tell me if you think it's him.

Coincidence notice--as I went to go find that link, I noticed that in that old post, I also mentioned Sean Casey. Weird. Of course, since you read the title of this post first, you already had both guys in your head by the time you got to this last paragraph, but just know that I almost always write a post first, and then come up with a title for it.

PS. Bret Saberhagen made the NYT X-word puzzle Saturday. Devo is in Sunday's.


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