Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Andrew Perloff Is A Piece Of Shit

Well, that's the last time I read Sports Illustrated or go to They published a post by a piece of repeatin' stinky shit-vomit named Andrew "Pol Pot" Perloff, in which the author states that the Boston Red Sox are a mediocore team. He says the same about the defending World Champion Celtics, who are ten games in first place with a .784 winning percentage. Mediocore.

I don't follow hockey, but since he grouped every Boston sports team into the category of mediocrity, I checked the NHL standings--to find out the Bruins are also in, yes, first place.

I'm still trying to figure this out. A man looks at teams which are currently clearly, inarguably, very, very good, and writes that they've "slipped into mediocrity." AND SPORTS ILLUSTRATED PRINTS IT.

He also uses that age-old classic, "winning is the worst thing" to happen to Boston. Yeah, I feel absolutely awful when my team wins. I just wanna kill myself. God, I wish we were in last place. What a fuckin' moose penis caresser.

As you know, I don't care about any of the Boston teams besides the Red Sox, but the fact that they're in the group he mocks (again, for something that seems to only exist in his hopes and dreams) is enough for me. But I'll also defend the Boston teams that clearly are good--again, two in first place, one a defending World Champion, and another who was a win away from the World Series--on principle alone.

So, Sports Illustrated, I'm done with you and your website whose main focus seems to be "hot chicks" anyway. I love how SI's little line to click to get to the article says "Boston's run of dominance is over." That's OPINION, you fucks.

And to reiterate, Andrew Perloff goes around to nursery schools and collects pre-school farts in bags, then goes home and puts them in his fart-chamber, which comes with an inhaler tube, which he straps to his face while he slices up orphan puppies to feed to his maggot-donkey hybrid spawn, before they all do the face-first lawnmower through piles of their own regurgitated feces. An anonymous source confirms this.

Note: If the guy wanted to come out and say "I HOPE the Boston teams fail," well that would be fine. That's his opinion. (I would still hope a major publication wouldn't find the need to print it, though.) But for him to act like his hopes and dreams are true, that ain't right. My team finally wins and I have to hear, from Sports Illustrated, that they aren't any good and that they won't win anymore because some dipshit doesn't want them to? Gimme a break. I can get that from any Yankee fan on the street.
Tomorrow, I may or may not talk about the Baldelli/Smoltz rumors. That's all they are right now. I mean, they seem legit, but, we hear that all the time.....
...a piece of repeatin' stinky shit-vomit named Andrew "Pol Pot" Perloff

Dadgummit, Jere, I read this and blew coffee through my nose.

Just re-read the last paragraph of your post, too - you really should stop pulling your punches, and tell us what you really think.

Pol Pot... hahahahahahahaha!!!
Well said, Jere. Another Boston-hating jackass wasting our time.

Thought of you yesterday, as I was at a taping of "The Daily Show." Had a blast and there's more on my blog about it.
Thanks, guys. I still can't believe they allowed that.

Quinn, I'll check out your story.
The column is a huge steaming pile of excrement, but I wouldn't get that worked up over it, because that's exactly what this hipster doofus wants you to do. I had never heard of him, but a quick check of his archived stories indicates that his shtick is to just write some inflammatory crap to try to get a reaction from some fan base...the sure sign of a talentless hack. Back in September he wrote a piece calling Yankee Stadium overrated which drew pages of insults from Yankee fans. He's just doing the same here; I assume he loves the reaction.

By the way, check out the 4th response to Perloff's crap from 'Andy Gray'. It's a perfect rebuttal/smackdown.

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