Saturday, January 03, 2009

Amazing(ly Sad)

You've probably heard that John Travolta's son died. But just now I found out that Travolta himself actually performed CPR on the boy when he found him on the floor.

This isn't meant to be a joke or anything, but as soon as I heard that, my mind went to that story from a few months back about "Stayin' Alive" being the perfect song to sing to yourself while doing CPR. In fact, some articles even mentioned Travolta himself, as he (for you young types) starred in Saturday Night Fever, which featured the song prominently.

To further the coincidences, I heard Stayin' Alive on the radio not two days ago for the first time since that report, and I was listening and thinking, "Are you kidding? This is WAY too fast..." And on top of that, a few hours before finding out about today's story, I was telling Kim all about this old boarded-up house in Brewster, NY we used to go to as teenagers, where I scored a velvet Travolta poster with the Saturday Night Fever logo on it.

So weird. Watch for wacky websites everywhere asking if John thought of the song while doing the CPR. We'll see if they wait a day....

This was a horrible tragedy. I can't imagine the pain John, his wife and child are in. So sad.
I also heard the same thing about the song. It seems the backbeat, although quite fast, is the perfect tempo for a trained CPR event. I can't believe Travolta had to perform CPR on his own son, to no avail. Unimaginable.

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