Thursday, January 08, 2009

'09 Baltimore/NY Trip Planning Tips

If you sign up for this free email thing from the Orioles, you get to buy your Camden Yards tickets on January 14th, before the general public. Sign up before then so you can be part of the pre-sale.

Also, Yanks spring training tickets go on sale this Friday. I'm not sure if that includes their games at the new stadium against the Cubs. [Update--Cubs games will NOT be part of Friday's sale.] I don't know if you heard this, but they're selling tickets to the Friday game for 1920s prices--if you want to see the new park but don't want to pay the 20 million dollar per bleacher seat prices, that might be a good way. It'll also be a good way to get in touch with your inner Cub fan. But remember, the Mets-Red Sox games at Citi Field are the same two days, April 3rd and 4th, so remember not to buy two games for the same day. I'd like to go to Yanks-Cubs on the Friday, then Mets-Sox on the Saturday. That'd be a cool New York trip.

Speaking of the Yanks' new park, we'll finally get to truly see my theory tested. You know the one--that visiting players (and umps) were in "awe" of Yankee Stadium and, combined with the fact that the building was so high and so curved and therefore louder, well, it all affected their performances, giving the Yanks an advantage. Note, I didn't say "unfair" advantage. So now players will go in there, and it'll be just another of the nu-cookie cutters. A Scamden (Shamden? Spamden?) Yards, so to speak. No fake ghosts--though Michael Kay did note that ghosts do travel! Oy. I think they left for the new place a few years early, Mike.... No matter how loud the fans get, it just won't be that wall of sound the old place created. And with only the truly affluent in the crowd, who'll throw the knives at visiting players? We'll see what happens.


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