Thursday, December 11, 2008

Wolf-Crying Boy (Updated)

Okay, all jokes aside, here is the official alternate Red Sox road jersey for 2009:

It's available to buy here. The alternate logo hat is here, and you've seen it before, as it's been going around for days.

Hat tip to myself for simply typing "alternate Red Sox 2009 jersey" into Google.

Of course, there may be more revealed today at 6:00. But this is my final answer.

Update, 4:37 PM: Here's (see below for pic) a gray version of the above uniform. So maybe this will be the regular road, and the above will be an alternate road?

Note: That's the Cool Base version. Here's the non-CB. So, yeah, I think that's the deal: the gray above is the new road uni, and the blue above that is the new alt road. And the hat is the blue one with the Sox and the red button on top.

Update, 6:03 PM: So we enter the "two socks featured prominently" era. The team site has the Sox in the background and in the top banner, with an ad to purchase the new uniforms, which are indeed what I posted above. This done before even shows the press conference. Once again, it's Truman-Show-ish: I recently switched from a B hat to a "two Sox" hat, and now a version if that is the actual (alternate) hat. (Granted, they're the ones who made the hat I bought anyway, it's not like I made the hat myself--but, still, it's the look I chose to buy, having had the regular B hat for so long.) The team site's top story talks about the new "retro roadies." I guess because the gray looks like the old gray ones, but the font is obviously different. More like a combo of the old drab ones and the as-of-2008 ones.

Again, why would they sell them (referring to them as "authentic") if they weren't the real deal?
exactly. thanks for the links.
How long do we have to wait for the 2,000 word examination of why the "T" is placed on the button placket instead of being just to the left of it, thereby splitting the word evenly on both sides of the jersey? I need you to get to the bottom of this...I hate that new grey jersey, and the blue one is even worse. And the alt. road cap is atrocious, even though I love the 2-Sox logo...I think it looks minor league-ish. Meh. I fear change.
Disregard my last question...should've read your most recent post...

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